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Who doesn’t know Amazon when it comes to shopping and selling. As easy as it is to start your own amazon store, what’s difficult is to compete and rank among thousands of other sellers present on the website. Techniek’s experts take care of your store setup and help you increase your sales by using the right PPC tools.


Joins hands with Techniek to increase amazon sales by 391%

Purad’or is the leading company in hair thinning therapy with the vision of transforming people’s lives through crafting organic, natural & plant-based products that are minimalistic and sustainable for Mother Earth. The company is dedicated to serving its customers the healthiest and the purest products, manufactured from natural ingredients from around the world. Their main focus is to inculcate environment-friendly and natural manufacturing.

The company partnered with Techniek to increase profitability and use amazon DSP to scale their business.

  • Reconstructing the campaigning strategy. Pre- Techniek campaigns were not using best practices such as 1:1 structure or separating broad, phrase, exact match types
  • We suggested slight modifications in the content such as adding a “By-Concern” menu for making it easier for the customers to find the specific product they’re looking for and having the Purad’or brand name at the beginning of its product titles.
  • Implemented microscopic changes and optimizations throughout the account including Seller Central & the Advertising Console.
  • Solidify Organic Positioning
  • Scale Profitability with low ACoS
  • Use DSP to Continue Scaling Business
  • Integrate Lifestyle images

Our foremost concern was to boost Purad’or’s organic positioning. In order to achieve this, we targeted our efforts on their best-selling ASINs that included its “Original gold-label Shampoo” and “Deep moisturizing Conditioner”.

As a result of our new campaigning strategy and microscopic changes, we obtained the first organic placement for two critical keywords relative to these two products and were also able to secure the “Best-seller” badge for these top-performing ASINs.

Techniek also succeeded in amplifying sales volume each quarter with remarkable year-over-year growth (391% increase in sales) while managing to maintain a low ACOS. The company witnessed a 20% increase in total sales from Q1 2019 in comparison to Q2 2019 and a +20% increase from Q2 2019 vs Q3 2019.

Techniek grasped Amazon DSP retargeting with one of Purad’or’s ASINS. As we expanded our retargeting efforts for another best selling ASIN while implementing competitor audience retargeting simultaneously, we could easily identify Purad’or’s competitors and target them directly.

By looking after the needs of Purad’or, Techniek is able to align its efforts to these needs and achieve the growth, efficiency, and reach required to meet and exceed their goals.

People believe what they see, therefore we featured lifestyle image banners of people using Purad’or Products and getting satisfactory results.

Including such images helped to intrigue customers to buy and use Purad’or Products.

Techniek succeeded in amplifying Purad’or’s sales volume each quarter with remarkable year-over-year growth(391% increase in sales) while managing to maintain a low ACOS.

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