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We understand how confusing and complicated it can be to set up a woocommerce account. Well, you can rest easy. Techniek’s experts will get your woocommerce store up and running in no time, taking care of your shipments, inventory, and payment methods.

Chitrachaya is a newly found store that sells customized printed and carved wooden showpieces. The company approached Techniek with the goal of establishing a woocommerce store that can compete in the online market and direct traffic to their website through social media marketing and advertisement.

  • Choosing a theme and customizing the store.
  • Designing a product catalog and come up with product listing and product descriptions as well.
  • Choosing appropriate plugins.
  • Spreading awareness about the brand on social media platforms.
  • Easy to use and efficient customer service.

Techniek’s expert team helped Chitrachaya, come up with a delicious black and brown theme for their store that depicts the color of the wood and also matches up to the classic tone of the unique woodworks created at Chitrachaya.

The large-sized images give a warm welcome to the visitors and also enframes the most creative works of Chitrachaya. They are labeled as different product categories to easily navigate the customers to the best products created and sold by the brand.

When it comes to an online store, it’s very important to select the products that are to be displayed on the website’s home page because that’s they contribute to the first impression of the store. If the website is welcoming enough and showcases the most unique products, it’s certain to draw in customers. Next, comes product description, because a customer can’t see the product in real while shopping online, it’s best to add a detailed description of products one an online store so that customers could be certain about their purchase.

While building an online store, every small detail matters. To design and inculcate user- friendly features in a store, one needs to choose appropriate plugins. Our competent staff at Techniek helped Chitrachaya choose and add plugins to their website which helped their users go through a smooth shopping experience. Add to cart, quick view and other features like that helps the usernavigate through the website easily.

After the setup of an online store, the real challenge is to get people to know about your brand and let them discover your products.

The social media marketing team at Techniek helped Chitrachaya to promote their store on various social media platforms through regular posts and advertisement campaigns. Once we were able to direct traffic to Chitrachaya’s website, we cleverly utilized customer reviews and feedbacks to further build trust for the brand.

For any online platform to be successful, it’s very important for customers to be able to trust a brand. When customers are able to communicate with the brand and their queries are heard, they can trust and buy your products without hesitation.

Techniek included a “message us” button on every page of Chitrachaya’s website through which a customer can directly contact the customer service through Facebook or WhatsApp and get their problems and queries solved. The contact support team at Techniek helped the brand to develop a smooth communication platform to be able to communicate with their customers.

Techniek did not stop at just setting up the store and gaining customers, we kept supporting Chitrachaya in the long run and helped them in maintaining their brand consistency.

By establishing effective communication with their customers, we helped Chitrachaya improve their products constantly through customer reviews and comments. Customer feedbacks also helped the brand build trust among it’s customers and gain more customers.

Chitrachaya has become a well-established brand with a large customer base on its various stores, including Amazon. Techniek helped Chitrachya gain the initial support they needed to gain loyal customers. Techniek’s social media management team and these initial customers helped spread awareness about the brand on various social media platforms and grow their customers.

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