About Us

Established in 2018, Techniek is a virtual assistant company based in Noida, India. We help businessmen and CEOs to establish their dream business by providing them with highly skilled remote staff to meet their business requirements. This way we provide our clients with numerous services in just a single plan that they choose.

Our Story

Every business has a story as to how it came to be and so does Techniek. Techniek was born in 2018 when a group of remote professionals decided to collaborate to offer numerous services to business clients. Techniek grew as our happy clients spread the word to other businessmen, both the clients and the professionals who wanted to join us grew in numbers and today we are a proud team of 40 highly skilled and competent members.

As we expanded the versatility of our services, our clients started entrusting us with more responsibilities and Techniek saw a shift from short-term to long-term projects, we introduced several plans based on the number of hours and our team members started working as an integral part of our clients’ businesses as a part of those plans.

Through our initial projects, we came to understand that while most tasks were general assistance tasks, every business had a unique demand. Client satisfaction is everything for us, therefore, we focused on understanding our client’s business and providing them personalized services, and fitting remote staff.
As we worked closely with different businesses, we realized what mattered more to our clients was working with somebody who could understand their business and work as a trusted team member of their team rather than somebody who would just get the job done. Everybody has their own work style and the type of team members they like to work with and these preferences highly determine the kind of staff a business is looking for.

In our initial months of business, it became apparent to us that business owners need more than admin support. They have a holistic approach and are looking for a place where they could get numerous services such as social media marketing, setting up their online e-commerce stores, creating an email marketing campaign, creating content for their website, video editing, graphic designing, etc.

As we met more and more clients, the variety of services needed by them increased and so one by one we began to assemble skilled professionals and kept increasing the number of services we offered. We believe our clients are our biggest asset and we need to help them to their satisfaction. With our capable team members with a diversity of skillset, we have been able to help our clients efficiently and assist them with their tasks.

So far we have been able to provide highly personalized and effective solutions to our clients and to match them with the remote staff with the right set of skills required by the business. Happy and satisfied clients are our biggest achievement and it has highly contributed to the success and growth of our company.

Our motto has remained the same since day one, that is to provide quality services at affordable prices and it still remains a driving factor in all our decisions and actions. If you are looking for someone to help you grow your business, reach out to us, and let us help you turn your dreams into reality!


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Address (Head Office)

2nd Floor, H-157, Sector 63, H Block, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


Address (2nd Office)

N-107, 1st Floor, Teacher's Colony, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201009


Phone Number

+1 413 489 1720