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Goa Santorini is a travel agency that provides hotels, car rentals, fun activities to do in Santorini, tours around the island, and transfer services. They also specialize in organizing private tours, photo shooting tours, and many activities around the island which includes everything you need to know about the island.

The company came to us with their unique demand that was a new and refreshing task for us and a formidable target to achieve. We helped them add necessary plugins to their website that helped them manage more than one site in Santorini from where they could lend amenities to their clients.

  • Design and deploy an effective website where clients can easily discover what GooSantorini has to offer.
  • Add the necessary plugins to the website and establishing a network with nearby hotels and renters.
  • Building effective information and money exchange platform.
  • 24/7 active customer support.

Santorini attracts tourists from all around the world, therefore, Goo Santorini needed a website through which they would be easily able to communicate their ideas to their clients from anywhere in the world. The “About US” page of the website provides a detailed summary of what services the agency offers. The company’s mission and story are right there alongside captivating pictures of the destination and the founding team members.

Goo Santorini didn’t want to limit themselves to a fixed piece of land in Santorini, they wanted to build a whole community, and in order to make that happen, the company needed a website that would enable them to communicate with their partners and add new members to their team.

If a new property holder or a service provider wants to join hands with the company and work alongside them, they can directly connect with them using the “Join our team” button available on the “About us” page of the website.

Local service providers such as horse renters, caterers, photographers, etc. can also easily connect with the agency and offer services to the clients that the agency brings in. This way it the company can provide these services to its clients at affordable prices and in return, the service providers get the customers they need. Techniek’s staff included the necessary plugins on the website so as to make this happen. If anyone wants to offer their services through the Company’s website, they can directly go to “Work with us” and explore what the company has to offer.

Through graphics and plugins, we included numerical data about the number of clients and partners who have worked with us and the Perks of Working with Techniek. Including a comparison graphic that yearly updates the number of our clients regularly, the benefits of being a local Expert at our agency, and answering possible questions regarding payments assured our customers of our quality services. Techniek’s content writing team wrote a few, SEO optimized, informative blogs for the website which a user can refer to if they want to know more about Santorini.

The wordpress development team at Techniek has made sure that the clients could directly connect to the team members of the company, which will ensure both – effective communication and ease of navigation.

One could directly message the customer support through the “Customer Support” button present on every page. We also added some numerical data about the agency such as number of partners, number of properties, destinations, and bookings which helped the company establish trust among its customers.

Goa Santorini’s WordPress development was both challenging and refreshing. Working together on this project helped both Techniek and Goo Santorini.

Techniek also helped direct traffic to Goo Santorini’s website through rigorous social media marketing.

The WordPress website is very informative in itself and provides a smooth user experience. Goo Santorini was able to earn more customers and partners through their website and gain more profit.

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