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Techniek’s reliable graphic designing team can help you create everything from UI designs and brand icons to motion graphics and publication items. Don’t worry, you can make as many changes to these designs as you want. A graphic would be finalized only after you have thoroughly analyzed and are completely satisfied with the designs.

The first and foremost goal of our graphic designing team is being able to deliver the best graphics to our clients in the minimum time possible.

Our secondary goal is to come up with designs that tell a story about the brand and the company and is able to emotionally connect the brand and the customers

  • In the graphic below, the word “FADE” is written in such a manner that each letter is more transparent than the previous one, which represents the meaning of the word itself.
  • This logo portrays a dead rat and it’s form is derived form the golden spiral.

The eye used as the letter “o” in the word “HORUS” is a symbol of protection. The “O” represents the eye combined wth a keyhole representing HORUS as the guardian of the data.

The graphic designers at Techniek are versatile and creative and love experimenting with designs. From bold and loud designs to basic simpler designs, you can get all types of designs.

In the above graphic, the quote “losing my mind” is represented by the picture of a brain that is being washed away.

In this graphic, a vert simple concept is depicted. The letter “a” is represented as if it is falling.

As the name goes, the logo follows. It represents the sacred wedding alter, painted in colors of love.

Just what you need in a desert, or a hot day.The logo paints a small scene of the desert and the bubbles that depict cola.


The light alludes to the dedicated creative, working alone in the calm of the night.


The graphic which is used in the logo is an ancient instrument called lyre, used in the roman empire, hence a good fit for a store selling old records.

At times when the client is not certain of what style they are actually looking for, it is very challenging to dig up a style that suits their taste but our team takes it as an opportunity to discover new ideas and expand our horizons.

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