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We offer a personal manager to all our clients, who coordinates with their remote staff and provides them timely updates and progress reports on work.

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Proper communication with clients is an essential part of ay business. Techniek will help you build an effective communication platform to enable you to communicate with your clients smoothly.
We will help you develop chat and email support for your website so that you could easily resolve your clients’ issues and build a positive relationship with them.

As service providers, we understand the importance of communication between you and your clients. However, not all customers visiting your store are going to buy your services and no customer service rep wants to answer the same question a thousand times or talk to people who aren’t going to buy. Techniek offers you chat and email setup services via some renowned platforms like Gmail and Zoho. We will help you set-up chat bots and also create the responses to frequently asked questions on your website.

Who doesn’t know Gmail? From individuals and small business organizations to large Multi-National corporations, almost every business uses Gmail as a customer support platform.

Gmail is convenient for most people because it’s very easy to use. One can also customize Gmail to send autogenerated messages to a certain text. This helps customer care executives to respond to the frequently asked questions.

Techniek helps you set-up Email support via Gmail. We create automatically generated responses for your customers with your brand’s signature so that your customer support has to walk-in only when the system-responses can’t resolve an issue.

Since its establishment in the year 2004, Facebook has gained popularity exponentially and today it has become one of the greatest social media platforms for business and marketing.

One big advantage of using Facebook is that it lets you connect with a global audience without having to know their email IDs or any other such detail. Facebook messenger services have made it easier for people to connect, people can send texts to a business account even though they aren’t directly connected on FB.

Techniek will help you connect your Facebook account directly to your store and ensure that your clients can directly message you from your website.

Instagram immediately follows Facebook in terms of popularity. In just a few years it has grown a user-base of millions. Many people are even starting their Instagram stores. Instagram lets one easily connect with their customers through direct messaging.

Let us help you in maintaining your Instagram inbox and respond to customers. We will help you with controlling your visibility to potential clients and generate product descriptions and prices as automatic responses to anyone interrogating them.

Zoho is a web-based online office suite developed by Zoho Corporation. It is a CRM software that provides word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, web conferencing, customer relationship management, project management, invoicing, and many other applications.

From chatroom settings to video calling, Techniek’s competent staff will help you set up an effective and smooth-running Zoho account. Through Zoho mail, any organization could easily connect with both their employees and clients.

Open Xchange, founded in 2005, has become one of the uprising CRM software in the field of business and marketing today. It helps its users to:

  • develop software and services that give them the flexibility and freedom to excel.
  • Create open platforms for effective communication.
  • Build platforms based on customers being the highest priority.
  • Open Xchange also allows its users to communicate via video calling with advanced one-to-one, one-to-many, and

many-to-many video technologies.

Techniek will help you through everything from the installation of the software to its set-up and customization. Adding and updating repositories and installing packages, configuring services, adjusting apache settings for concurrent connections, and finally creating contexts and users.

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