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We offer a personal manager to all our clients, who coordinates with their remote staff and provides them timely updates and progress reports on work.

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Posting regularly on social media and updating you on the latest trends and demands in the market would be handled by our social media management professionals.
Techniek will also help in responding to customer reviews and comments and helping your brand improve.

Techniek’s social media management team helps you maintain your social media management presence by constantly creating and publishing informative and promotional content on social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. and by actively interacting with the consumers on these platforms.

From responding to customers’ comments and queries to developing strategies to help you achieve long term marketing goals, our team members help you through everything.


  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving traffic to your website.
  • Generating new leads
  • Growing Slaes and Revenue
  • Effective social customer service.
  • Increasing mentions through social listenings


Our social media management team constantly creates new content and publishes it on social media platforms to let more and more people know and discover your brand online.

Our SEO experts help your website to rank higher on google which automatically increases the traffic on your website. We continuously promote your brand through various ad campaigns, guest posts, anchor links, using right keywords etc. and monitor the growth patterns from time to time.

Our team not only assists you with promotion but to bring in promising and loyal customers. We also help you in coming up with pricing strategies and market research so as to retain your customers.

Techniek helps you increase your inluence over the market by effecticely using SEO tools and software, this eventually helps in establishing a trustworthy relationship with your prospects. Once your prospects trust you, they can confidently invest in your products/services.

Our chat and email support helps you connect with your clients constantly and respond to their comments and queries on all social media platforms. An effective conversation with a client also helps to understand what they like and dislike about your products and services. Being able to connect with the service providers encourages the client to be certain about your brand.

Today, Social media platforms connect billions of people from all around the world. Once you gain a few customers, their feedbacks help more people reach and discover your brand. Our team helps you gain these mentions through social listings by continually checking and responding to customer feedbacks. Our active team members keep a record of all the conversations with your clients and help you understand what your clients are looking for. Thus you could improve your products accordingly. this will make your customers feel heard and eventually improve your mentions on social media.

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