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First launched in October 2010, Instagram has come a long way with its user base and popularity. With approximately 1 billion users, it is quickly catching up to Facebook which has a user base of nearly 2.45 Billion people. Due to its growing popularity, product launches on Instagram have become a trend. On an average brands post an average of 2.5 stories per week. When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for both offline and online retailers. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it has a wide diversity of users. Be it children or elderly, businessmen or actors, companies to individuals, everyone uses instagram.

This app provides a lot of marketing features to the users which help them save time and effort. These amazing features and user-friendly UI and UX have helped the application grow to its current state in just a decade. It has become the second most used social media platform after Facebook. Using these features, many users promote their products and stores on their Instagram accounts and land customers. In fact, there are many sellers that sell directly from Instagram. Yes, you can use Instagram to sell your products directly from a business account. Let’s enlist some of the most intriguing updates and features of this application in the last decade.d

  • Instagram stories.

Instagram stories ofr social media marketing.

This feature was introduced in the year 2016. In just 4 years, the feature has gained so much popularity with 500 million people using “Instagram Stories” every day. The feature allowed people to share disappearing posts on their Instagram accounts that disappeared after 24 hours. 

Besides being an amazing feature in itself, stories offer other extended features. For example – creative text styles and text colors, adding music in the background, posting a birthday countdown, and many more. Now, with the help of the “Swipe-up” feature, people can add direct links to their websites or stores on their Instagram stories. This has made it easy for sellers to promote their stores and increase their click-through rate. All because people can directly visit the website if they like the product on a seller’s Story.

  • Hashtags.

Instagram Hashtags are widely used for expanding your reach.

The concept of hashtags was added to Instagram after a year of its launch. Hashtags allow users to find the content they like. As of today, hashtags are widely used to get people to discover and know you. One can follow a particular hashtag and can get access to millions of similar posts from users throughout the world. A company could use hashtags related to their products and add them in their Instagram captions and stories. Now if anyone searches for any of those hashtags, that company’s products will also appear in the search results. It could be said that hashtags are a powerful SEO tool that lets people discover you on Instagram.

  • Instagram Direct.

Use instagram direct to communicate with your clients directly.

Instagram direct is the messaging feature provided by Instagram. A user can directly message a person through this feature. Just go to the person’s profile and you will see the message button right there. You can tap this and start a conversation. This feature helps sellers connect directly with their prospects and talk to them. 

  • Instagram Ads. 

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Though the Instagram team was already working on a business version of the app, Instagram ads came to be in 2015. This feature was a boon to social media marketers. Anyone could create a 30-second video promoting their products and services on the app. Instagram is still developing and trying to make the best out of this feature by gradually improving and targeting a larger audience.

  • Instagram stores.

 Build an Instagram store with Techniek.


When users saw that they can use Instagram to promote their businesses, products, and services, they thought why not use it as one of the platforms to sell. All the SEO tools were already built in the app so the promotion and advertisement would be easy. This led to the opening of various such stores. Today Instagram shopping has become very common. People can create their business accounts and sell directly on the app just like in any other e-commerce store. The big user-base of Instagram provides ample customers to the sellers and helps them grow.


These were a few tools that have played a huge role in making Instagram as successful it is today. People love this platform because it’s easy to use and helps you connect with a large number of people in so many ways. The SEO customization of the app helps sellers and businesses the initial boost that they need. Thus, overall, Instagram is an application that is going to stay in the long run and will soon be one of the most important social media platforms for promotions, advertisements, and marketing. So, if you are a seller who is trying to grow its customers, start working on building a captivating profile and powerful advertisements.

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