1. Introduction
  2. Why you need a video editor:
    Color enhancement.
    Noise Cancellation
  3. Time required
  4. Best editing Software.
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Final Cut Pro X
    Corel Video Studio Ultimate
  5. Conclusion

The videos that we see on our screens come from a long process of recording and editing. Video editors spend hours, working on each second, each frame of the video to deliver perfect videos, . They think and try to adjust every little detail as per the interests of the viewer. Video editing is a back-end work, therefore, not many people know about why or how it’s done. It could gravely affect the response on a video.

Here's why you need a video editor.

Techniek’s video editing team will help you take a dive into this amazing world. You will see how the raw videos become what we see on our screens. We have noted down a few common queries and comments regarding video editing and answered them for you.

Why can’t we just record a perfect video, instead of getting it edited?

You can absolutely try to record a video in a noise-free environment with a nice background and natural light. However, there are still many factors that need enhancements. A few reasons why video- editing is necessary are mentioned below:

1. Natural and Livelier Colors:

Here's why you need a Video editor.

There are two ways of editing colors in a video – Color Correction and Color Grading. Color grading is used to set the tone and atmosphere in a video. You can also play with colors and come up with a more creative color theme for a video. For example a particular emotion such as horror or suspense is represented by adjusting the hues of green, red, and blue. Color correction is used to make minor changes to the colors of the video. For example adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation and making the colors look more natural.

2. Smooth Compilation:

Transitions in a Video.

It’s possible to record a short video in a single shot but to record a comparatively longer video, you will need relevant breaks to get the desired shots. These small clips are compiled together smoothly and unnoticeably to get the final video. Transitions are used for this purpose. They help in combining two or more short clips to get the final video. Without the transitions, consecutive frames look not-so-pleasing to the eye and the whole video looks unprofessional. 

3.Noise Cancellation and Enhanced audio settings:

In Music videos, lectures and tutorials etc., the audio matters as much as the visual aspects of the video. These videos lose their relevance and preference i the audio is not clear. You can record in an isolated place, but you would still need some audio editing to get of even the most trivial unwanted noises in the video, be it just the sound of air.

Noise cancellation helps to remove unwanted background noise. Audio editing helps to enhance the quality of the audio in the video. 

How long does it usually take to edit a video?   

The time frame of video editing highly depends on the length of the video. However, it’s not the only factor that decides the time required for editing a video. Sometimes a thirty-second video might take longer to edit than a 4-5 minutes video. The amount of editing needed in a video is what actually decides how long a video editor might take to finish editing. 

Best Software for Video Editing.

There are tons of video editing software out there. Thus the obvious question regarding which is the best one among them. Choosing the right Video-Editing software depends on what you want to edit in your video. There are new software developing each day. However, there are a few that have established a well-known reputation among the video editors. The top three software that Techniek’s experts recommend and use are :

  • Adobe Premiere Pro:


    Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe is the leading company that has delivered numerous creating and editing software to the world. Premiere is one of them, and is one of the two mostly used video editing software. It is preferred by most professional video editors including our team at Techniek. This software is suited for people working on Windows.  It offers a huge range of features that allow you to edit everything from small social media posts, YouTube videos to TV shows and movies.
  • Final Cut pro X:

    Final Cut Pro is another good software besides premier pro. It is suited for video editors working on a MAC. The range of features is similar to that of premiere pro with only minor differences. 

    Final Cut Pro work Screen

  • Corel Video Studio ultimate:

    Video Studio lies in our top three list for two main reasons. One is the wide range of editing features it provides for smooth editing. Second is its ease of use which also makes it one of the most famous video editors for beginners.

    Corel Video Studio Work screen

Why do I need a professional Video editor when I can learn and do it myself?

You can always learn to edit videos yourselves but learning is a slow process. Even when you are a good learner, the experience plays a huge role in a profession like video-editing. If you are a learner and are trying to edit your videos yourself, taking help from a professional video editor would help you discover many aspects that you might not be able to discover yourself.  

Contact us today and get your videos edited professionally. Check out our Video Editing case study to see what services we offer.