1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of an online store:
    Social Distancing
    Easy to use
    No pressure
    Comparison of products
    Saves time and effort
    Discounts and coupons
    Easy Returns
    Inventory management
    Secure Payments
  3. Conclusion

The year 2020 has been a disastrous year for almost all the sectors of the global economy. Many countries are suffering a downfall in their financial conditions. Businesses are facing grave losses and a huge number of people have lost their jobs. While almost every other business is facing an economic crisis, the E-commerce industry is growing faster than ever as more and more people are using online mode of consumption due to the existing pandemic situation. People are avoiding stepping out in crowded market places and finding safer alternatives in online stores. Though e-commerce was already in the hype, the COVID pandemic gave it the sudden and necessary boost it required.

Online Stores in 2020.

 As physical stores and local markets shut down, e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart have gained much popularity. They have supposedly gained a 60-70% increase in business. Due to the ease of their access and the amount of time and energy these online stores save, customers love to explore and discover different options for anything they need.  The sheer amount of choices such stores provide is amazing and captivating. We all are familiar with the feeling of scrolling through an e-commerce website for hours. Sometimes we even forget what we actually wanted to shop for and get lost in the innumerable varieties of products these websites offer discovering new products.

Here are the top 10 reasons why 2020 proved to be a big boon for the E-commerce industry.

  • Online Stores help in maintaining social distancing and hygiene.

Social distancing through Online Shopping.

Since the COVID-19 broke out, people have started to pay more attention to social distancing and hygiene. Everyone is avoiding going to the overcrowded local markets and physical stores to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Online shopping prevents a person from stepping out in crowded marketplaces. It helps the customers to easily choose and order items online from the safety of their home. Even the money exchange can be done through online payment methods which further prevents any sort of contact between people. 

  • Online stores are easy to use.

Online shopping sites are designed with the aim to provide a smooth and satisfying shopping experience for the users. The UI/UX of these stores are designed in a way that is easy to operate yet aesthetically pleasing.

Ease of using online shopping.

All a user has to do is either select from the given categories or straight away search for the products they are looking for. Even small kids can easily use an online shopping website. In the pandemic situation, more and more people are entering this world of online shopping. People used online stores buy products and services to meet their needs when the physical stores were shut down.

  • No pressure from the sellers.

Stop buying under pressure!

Often Customers hesitate in buying from local stores because they know the buyers will pressurize them into buying their items. There is no such restriction in an online store. A customer can buy whatever they want and Wishlist the items they intend to buy in the future. It’s completely a customer’s choice and the sellers cannot pressurize them anyhow.

  • Online stores offer tons of products to compare.

Compare tons of products on online stores.

In physical stores, there can only be a limited number of products related to what a customer wants. This poses a limitation to one’s choice and prevents them from making a satisfying purchase. All E-commerce stores are designed and programmed such that they collect data from a customer’s visits and searches, and recommend similar items. This feature lets the customers discover an unlimited no of items based on their searches. 

They can view and compare these products and decide on what they do and don’t like and want to purchase. Customers can also compare the prices of an item over various e-commerce websites and purchase from the best offers.

  • Online shopping saves time and effort.

Get your amazing deals at the click of a button.

Unlike shopping from a physical store, online shopping is less tiring and time-taking for both, the buyer and seller. When one shops from a physical store, there might be a possibility that he doesn’t find all the items at one place. might have to check out more than one shops but in online shopping, if you don’t find something in a store, you can simply place your order from another store from the comfort of your home. 

  • Discounts and Coupons.

Shop online and save more.

Online sellers, often offer various discounts and coupons to their customers in order to land more customers than other similar stores. While these offers help sellers make more sales, they help the customers save a lot of money. A customer can compare the prices of a single product over more than one website and make a purchase that benefits him the most. 

  • Availability.

24/7 available online store.

The main limitation of a physical store is that it can’t be open 24/7 for 365 days a year. That’s not the case with online stores. Even when all physical stores are shut, online stores are always available to shop from. One can sell or buy an item at any time and from anywhere in the world. 

  • Easy Returns and Refunds.

We have all faced a situation where we made a wrong purchase. In such a situation, the first problem is having to go to the store to return an item, even then, no physical store would give your money back, instead, they will insist on a replacement of that item.

Returns and Refunds in online shopping.

In an online store, you can easily return an item by simply logging into the website you ordered from. Your package will be picked up from your doorstep and your money will be refunded to your bank account without any questions or arguments. 

  • Inventory management.

Online store inventory management.

Every e-commerce website provides the sellers with the features to manage and keep a record of their inventory. This way the sellers can keep track of any extra items or if there’s a need for renewal of an item which helps them keep wastage to a minimum and run their business efficiently.

  • Easy and secure payments.

The sellers can use the features that e-commerce websites offer to them to set up a secure payment gateway for their customers. The ease and security in money transfer build trust among the customers for a seller or a brand. Sometimes, customers can’t buy a product because of the lack of a particular payment method but in online shopping, there is more than one method of payment available, it’s convenient for both the customers and the sellers

Online payments are safe and secure.

So these were our top 10 reasons why an online store is necessary. Both the sellers and buyers can save time and energy through these e-commerce websites, especially after the year 2020, these stores have become even more relevant and need to be promoted and encouraged.

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