1. Introduction.
  2. How to set-up a Walmart store.
  3. Online Promotion.
  4. Get help from Techniek.

Get to know Walmart

Online walmart Stores.

When we hear Walmart, we immediately imagine the physical Walmart stores that are present across various nations. Not many people are yet aware that one can create an online e-commerce store on Walmart’s website and sell their products effectively. The biggest advantage that the sellers get by creating an online store on Walmart is the loyal customers. The store has a well-established reputation among the customers, it’s easier to promote an online Walmart store and land customers. Walmart sellers can merchandise their products easily through Walmart’s online platform. As a result, similar products will be displayed to the customer as found in the previous searches.

Online Walmart stores are still less popular than other e-commerce websites such as Amazon. Nevertheless, it will soon cover the gap because of its trustworthy products and amazing customer response. Walmart has been trying to cover-up the gap between itself and amazon and the time has finally come when Walmart is giving amazon tough competition. Besides the advantage of having 11,500 stores spread across 26 countries, Walmart offers abundant community service. Each year the store’s savings are used to provide funding to charities, schools, support the American army and their families. While setting up an online store, what matters the most is the smooth shopping experience for the users. Let’s discuss in detailed steps what is in for a seller trying to start an online store on


1.Start your own Walmart Store:

Online Walmart Store Set-up

First things first, to be a seller on Walmart, one has to register himself on Walmart’s website as a seller. 

  • Visit Walmart’s website,, and click on “request to sell”. After filling in all the necessary details, make sure you recheck and save all the information to speed up the approval process. If you will be approved for selling on Walmart, you will receive an e-mail. The subject line of the mail would be “Your account has been created in Walmart Marketplace”. After that the setup wizard will guide you through different windows. Here, you will need to fill in the necessary details and upload your latest W-9 form (you can download a blank W-9 form during registration). 
  • Once you have created a partner profile, you will be a member of the seller center. You will be directed to a launch checklist where you can set up your profile.
  • After your profile has been set-up, now comes the time to add items to your store. Fill out the “Validate Fields” for each item. After this, each item in your seller center will be labeled as “Active Status”.
  • If you want to check how your customers will see these items, you can use “Preview item” . With this you can see the pricing and name of your item in the store. Always test your orders before finalizing the set-up. Update your inventory to one and publish the item and then you can purchase it. Based on your own experience, you can enhance your users’ experience.
  • After you finish adding items to your store, review them and click on “mark as done”. A pop-up will appear asking for your confirmation for launching your store. The Walmart team will review your profile and if approved, your store will be launched within 24 hours.


2. Connect with the new customers on your Walmart Store.

Promote your Walmart store on Social Media

The difficult part of selling on an online store comes after the set-up of the store. That is connecting with your audience and letting people know about your store. Good marketing is necessary to inform your audience about the presence of your online store. However, online Walmart sellers have the upper hand of well established and trusted physical Walmart stores . Similar to the promotion of a physical store, online stores can also be promoted on various platforms, in fact, they are easier to promote. You can use numerous Social media platforms and include the direct link to your store in your social media posts and captions. 

Although social media marketing and management appear to be child’s play, these tasks need professional skills and creative thinking. Making your posts, blogs, promotions SEO optimized, and ranking higher on google is something that needs thorough understanding of SEO and marketing. To be able to leverage the various SEO tools and technologies present in the market needs a certain amount of skill and experience.

We are here to help with your own Walmart Store setup!

Baby Trend Walmart Store

We, at Techniek have a Social media marketing and management teams with skilled members, proficient in using various SEO tools and technologies. Our skilled team can help you build an effective online Walmart store, our determined staff will help you in everything from your product listings, descriptions, and prices to set up an email and chat support for you o be able to connect with your customers. Not only this but we will assist you in promoting your store on various social media platforms and help you gain customers. We will handle the hectic tasks while you focus on adding new items to your store.

To know more about our work, you can check out our Walmart store setup case study or visit our website here. Contact us and let us know how we can be of help.