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Purad'or Amazon store set-up by Techniek

Today, plenty of people are entering the world of business and entrepreneurship. Most of them are trying to establish a stable online business store. Amazon is a perfect platform for any service provider to begin their journey as a seller and as a businessman, however, it’s not easy to set up an amazon store that gets a decent amount of visits and purchases. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before starting your business on Amazon. So, if you are planning to start an online amazon store, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a description of anything and everything you need to know before starting an Amazon store. 

What is an amazon store?

what is an Amazon store and why do you need one - get your own amazon store with Techniek.

Let’s start with square one and answer the most basic question. What is an amazon store? An Amazon store is a free feature available on Amazon which allows salesmen and business persons to exclusively showcase and sell their products and services online. These stores help the sellers to provide their customers with a brand-centric shopping experience through the amazon website or mobile application.

A brand could elevate its sales and market reach by setting up a good Amazon store using various user-friendly templates and features. These features allow the brand to set up a multi-page store connecting different products and categories. This can help navigate the users to different pages according to their requirements. You can design and customize an Amazon store however needed and enhance it using various images, videos, and text modules.

The most important role that an amazon store plays is that it provides customized content to potential customers, making them aware of your brand. Amazon provides you the freedom to design and customize your store with a lot of supportive content. In fact, this is just a small description of what an Amazon store offers you when you implement it.

How and where to start

Amazon store set-up guide by Techniek.

Often people decide to start an Amazon store for their brand but get stuck on how or where to start. Thus, we prepared a sequential list of everything you’ll need to get started.

  1. Decide on a basic layout for your store. What items you want to display on the main page of the store, what kind of products are they, and their pricing catalog.
  2. Divide your products under different categories so as to make it easy for the user to navigate to a certain product he/she is searching for.
  3. Try to conduct thorough research upon the market demand of the products you are trying to sell. Try finding answers to what people are saying about your product and what kind of changes they need in the existing similar products.
  4. To design a user friendly, customized, and responsive amazon store, work carefully on the description fields of the products. Build out a buyer’s guide to ensure your customers trust your brand and are fully satisfied with their purchase.
  5. Work on an advertisement and marketing strategy beforehand. Hire a good social media marketing and digital marketing team to handle the promotion of your store on social media and other platforms. Work alongside SEO experts to get your store, product descriptions, social media posts, and promotions SEO optimized and direct traffic to your store and website.


An explanation works best with a good example. Therefore, We have researched and listed down 5 such amazon stores that will help you understand how an ideal Amazon store should look more appealing and get more customers.


Top 5 amazon stores brought to you by Techniek.Petcube's amazon store

Petcube’s Amazon store is a perfect example of an ideal amazon store. Through the brand’s page, one can tell that they have conducted thorough research and have comprehensive knowledge of their target market and audience. 

They have incorporated a thoughtful store design, product listings, and pricing, and proper product descriptions. This gives the shoppers a clear demonstration of how Petcube’s products work. They have effectively depicted the key features of their products by maintaining a balance between images and product descriptions. As a result, the store is customer friendly in the sense that it has abundant graphics and information regarding their products. 

  • PURA D’OR 

Purador's amazon store

Purado’r is one of the leading brands in hair products for thinning hair. The brand has creatively created an amazon store using descriptive texts and images. On the main page of the store, the most sold items of their store are depicted. The brand has carefully categorized their products for ease of access to their customers. They have also included a video on their home page featuring the key features of their products and their results.


Carex Amazon Store

Carex is a leading company for in-home, self-care, and medical products. Instantly after landing on their store which is full of refreshing images, one senses a wave of surety. The company has effectively categorized various products along with accurate graphic depictions of these products. The page also demonstrates various brands that are selling under the company. The text on the home page is a small introduction to the company including the number of years of experience of the company in the business. Subsequently, customers can get easy access to basic information about the store and thus, they can make an informed purchase. 

  • LARK & RO

Lark and Ro.

It needs a deep understanding and perception to be able to design a store that focuses on a certain audience. Lark & Ro’s has built their amazon store using a warm and dynamic color palette that reflects their classic and professional style. Besides this, the engaging brand mission and beautifully branded images entice the customers to spend more time browsing and scrolling through their website. 


la colombe

La Colombe’s Amazon store is an excellent example of a beautifully designed store with the user in mind. The oversized images highlighting their latest products and seasonal offerings give a welcoming tone to the page. The images and the complimentary text overlay highlight the most important elements of each beverage. The store’s page is truly inviting to look at and tempting to scroll through.

These were our top 5 amazon stores that you can refer to if you are looking to start an online business store on amazon. We hope these are helpful to you in understanding the basic necessities while starting an online business.

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