Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition
  3. Types:
     UI designing
     Publication Designing
    Visual Identity Designing
     Marketing Designing
     Motion Graphics
     Packaging designing
     Environmental designing
  4. Conclusion


Today graphic designing has become an enormous part of every aspect of business and marketing. From product packaging to banners and posters for promotion, every little aspect requires some form of designing. Even though the field of designing has grown so much, there are still many people who are not aware of how important and diverse it is. Thus, we at Techniek came up with this blog to answer all your doubts and myths about graphic designing. So, be it a beginner aspiring to be a graphic designer or a business person looking for good graphic designers, here’s everything you need to know to analyze graphic designs like a pro.

What is graphic designing?

What is Graphic Designing?

It is a form of art that is used to communicate an idea. A designer should be both, a good communicator and a good artist. He should be able to use and manipulate his designs to deliver an idea or expression. Generally, all sorts of art are used to express and depict something, with graphic designing this communication factor becomes even more important. This is because a company’s sales and revenue depend on it. By creatively using various page layout techniques and visual hierarchy, graphic designers use images, designs, and texts to effectively display and convey a message or idea to the viewer. 

Unlike what most people think, designing is a huge field and has many types. Let’s dive into a brief discussion about these types.

Types of Graphic Designing.

Graphic designing has the following types based on the purpose it serves.

  • User Interface designing (UI)

User Interface Graphic Designing.

A user interfaces design or UI design is the process of designing an interface to help the user navigate through the website or application and provide an over-all user-friendly experience. It can be said that UI designing is how a user interacts with an application or device. Remember all the set-up instructions that appear when you switch on a new mobile phone? Well, that is all a part of UI designing. A user interface includes everything that a user interacts with, it focuses on what the user sees on a screen and the design of the graphic elements that appear on a screen such as buttons, menus, pointers and more. 

The main job of a UI designer is to maintain the balance between aesthetics and technical functionality. A UI designer works together with a UX designer and a UI developer to develop desktop apps, mobile and web applications, games, and more.

  • Publication graphic designing.

Publication Designing.

Everything from book covers, books, and magazines to newspapers and catalogs is publication designing. 

A person aspiring to be a publication designer must have outstanding knowledge of communication and organization to be able to use and organize images and typography creatively to convey a message to the viewer or reader. One must possess both designing expertise and in-depth knowledge of color management, printing, and digital publishing.

  • Visual Identity graphic design.

A visual identity is how one communicates their presence and personality to people. Similarly, a brand identity is how an organization conveys its essence, personality, emotions, and experiences to its audience. Visual identity designing is the process of designing the visual elements to create a brand’s identity and convey a brand’s mission and vision to the audience through the constructive use of colors and shapes.

Visual Identity Graphic designing.

A visual identity designer must have good research skills so as to conduct thorough research before starting to create. Visual identity graphics usually include brand logos, image libraries, typography, and many such assets. Therefore, a visual identity graphic designer must have little knowledge of all types of graphic designing. This way they can create designs that could be used on every visual platform.

  • Marketing and advertising design.

Marketing and advertising graphic designs.

This is the most famous type of graphic design. Usually, when one thinks of graphic designing, they believe it is for the purpose of marketing and advertising. As visual content is always more appealing and engaging, all companies and businesses need graphic designers to be able to communicate to their audience visually. A marketing graphic designer’s job includes everything from creating posters and pamphlets to advertising flexes and vehicle wraps.

  • Motion Graphics.

Motion Graphics

As one can infer from the name itself, motion graphics are the graphics that are in motion. Though motion graphics is a newly found field of design, it has gained much popularity in a very less amount of time. These graphics include GIFS, animations, videos, and other effects used in online media and television. Nowadays, motion graphics are widely used to create more intriguing and appealing designs and animations.

  • Packaging Graphic Design.

Packaging designing.

Companies and organizations never miss any chance to advertise and promote their products. The packaging is one such way. Every product comes wrapped within a package. How a company designs and presents that packaging could surprisingly affect the popularity of a product and the company. A good looking package is more appealing than normal packaging, therefore it’s safe to say that packaging conveys a lot about a brand and it’s company. Thus companies hire packaging graphic designers who design and deploy mock-ups and create print-ready files for the packaging of their products. It’s always better to hire a single graphic designer to create packaging and visual identity graphics because both these elements require many similar elements.

  • Environmental Graphic Design.

Environmental Designing.

Environmental Graphic design is mostly used for connecting people with their surroundings. It can include wayfinding, wall murals, museum exhibitions, stadiums, and office branding, and everything else that helps to connect a person with his surroundings visually and emotionally. It can be considered a multidisciplinary practice that requires the knowledge of graphic, architectural, landscape, and interior designing aspects and this is why environmental graphic designers usually have the knowledge and experience in both designing as well as architecture.


Not many people don’t have detailed knowledge of various types of graphic designs. The above-mentioned types are specialized fields of designing and require different types of skills and thought-process. However, the industry is constantly changing, and especially after the year 2020, when companies are facing huge losses and are looking for employees who could be multi-tasking and can adopt any sort of designing methods.

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